Sunday, November 25, 2012

Trigger Update

I went out to see Trigger again tonight, and was going to help the trainer/seller (she's helping me sell him) take a video of him, but she was running late from her day of barrel racing.  It was my first time visiting her new property, so it took me a bit (and the help of her husband and son) for me to find him on the vast property.  In fact, they have a couple of large barns, and one is older and empty, and walking through it in near pitch black was kind of like walking through an abandoned sanitarium or something.

Anyway, I did locate him, and it was nearly dusk, but I managed to get some photos that included both him and the moon, which was kind of cool.  I'd given him some treats, plus the food cart was making its rounds but he hadn't gotten his portion yet, so he was VERY interested in me.

HEEEEeeyy!  (Or should it be "Hay"?) 

Looking a little more serene here, though he was pacing and whinnying in between posing for me, between the hay wagon roaming the property and the other horses also pacing and whinnying.

I don't like jinxing it by talking about it before it goes down, but it hasn't helped to not talk about it beforehand in the past, so here goes.  There are currently TWO nibbles on the line--a woman in Florida wants to have him vetted ASAP, so the trainer will call a vet tomorrow.  If she can find a shipper, and he passes the vet check, she'll take him.  If that deal falls through, there's an endurance rider in Arizona that wants him (though not sure he'll want him if he doesn't pass the Florida buyer's vet check, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it).

While I did get him from a six-hour drive away from here, I find it absolutely crazy that people from so far away are willing to consider buying him sight-unseen.  I mean, he's a nice horse and all, but he's not registered, not pure Arab (for the endurance guy--not sure what the Florida gal plans to use him for), not a proven endurance horse, barely trained, and has barely been ridden in the past six months.  But hey, more power to them.  I just hope if one of these faraway people get him, that they get a GOOD shipper--I've heard horror stories...

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