Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trigger Update

So, the guy from Arizona wanted a more finished (or at least ready to go) endurance horse, and Trigger is woefully out of shape, so he passed on him.  It is the heart of endurance season down there from what I understand, due to the summer heat, so that makes sense.  The Florida lady priced shipping him, and wanted us to reduce his price by the amount she would have to pay for shipping, which seems kind of silly, since she had to have known it would cost quite a bit and should have adjusted the price range she was looking in accordingly, but whatever.  Her offer was still acceptable to me, so the trainer kept talking with her.  She was asking questions and seemed engaged in the process from what I could tell (hearing it all third-hand), but when it came down to scheduling a vet check, she admitted that her husband didn't want her buying a horse sight-unseen.  Yeah, I can see that, but then again, why are you looking at horses in Oregon if you live in Florida?  Sounds like she must have stumbled across his ad, liked his pretty color, and figured she'd check into it, without actually thinking the whole thing through.  So she's not out of the running entirely, but the trainer isn't waiting around--she keeps re-listing him while waiting to see if this gal will pull the trigger (so to speak) or not.

So.  Back to the drawing board.

Trigger's trainer moved barns recently, and held an open house today, so of course I went out there to see her, the new place (officially--my last visit to see him was at the new place, too), and Trigger.

He was snug as a bug in a rug munching hay in a cozy stall (it had been bad weather yesterday and overnight, so she put him in a stall even though I'm technically only paying for pasture board).  I went in and petted and scratched him (he's been wearing his blanket the last few times I've visited, so it was nice to see and scratch him without it), and gave him a few treats.

Hi, Mom!

I checked out the rest of the property (it was getting dark last time I was there, so this was my first time REALLY seeing it), and Nathan found his way to the "Cowpoke Hall," which would be handy for un-mounted lessons and such, but also had a foosball table for the kids.

I saw a curly-haired horse.  If I remember right from when she first told me about him, he's only part Bakshir Curly, but certainly got the gene for the curly hair!

Check out the wavy hair on his neck and body

Those eyelashes, the crimpy mane and cool is he?
 In the process of standing around chatting, the trainer offered to ride Trigger for me, and I could video him so we'd have more video for potential buyers.  Neither of us thought to take video of her saddling him (even though apparently the Florida lady had asked for some--oops!), but we got quite a bit of video of her riding him in the indoor at all three gaits, an then of the untacking and putting away process.

And finally, a parting shot (well, from when he was tied up being untacked).  Isn't he pretty?

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