Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Orleans Photos - Travel

I took photos during the plane rides both directions (some just on my phone).

Taking off from Salt Lake City at sundown

About to land in New Orleans (from phone)
Also approaching New Orleans, from my real camera (this and the next two photos are from my camera--the others are all from my phone)

Ships in the Mississippi River as we're just seconds from landing

Getting close to Salt Lake City on the way home--lots of snow!
Not quite as much snow right in the city, but still a decent dusting
The taxi to the terminal showed that the airport, anyway, had more snow than it had looked like from the air

This is what the window at my seat looked like when I sat down.  Sure enough, they said we had to be de-iced, and it ended up delaying us an hour and 15 minutes or so.
There were two de-icing stations.  This was our view of the other airplane getting de-iced once we pulled up to our station.

Here comes one of our two de-icing trucks

Wonder what it's like to be that guy.  It's kind of like flying, but he's got to be very aware of where he is in relation to the plane so he doesn't hit it.

My window, mid-de-icing

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