Friday, November 2, 2012

Strike Two for Trigger

A couple from Washington came to look at Trigger today.  According to what they told my trainer, they are endurance people, but the wife is looking for a calmer horse than she'd been riding.  They drove all the way out here, and apparently Trigger crow-hopped when the husband was on it, which apparently scared the wife so when she got on, Trigger took her wherever he wanted to go.  The trainer got on him, and when he kicked the ground (according to her), it was actually a buck (according to them).

The trainer says he's never even threatened to buck or even crow-hop since she's had him, and that she's even put a few different people on him, so this was shocking.  Shoot.

I was there yesterday to potentially say goodbye to him, so here are a couple photos of me and him, and of the cool sky:

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