Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Orleans Photos - Night Life

Of course, its night life is probably what New Orleans is best known for.  We are old curmudgeons at this point, and didn't stay out TOO late, but did enjoy some of what the city had to offer.  First, some videos, then some still photos:

That last place had so much background noise in part due to the fact that the women's bathroom was out of order, so everyone was lining up to use the men's, which since it only had one urinal and one stall, was a one-person-at-a-time operation.  It was also out of toilet paper by the time my sister got there, so she used some Kleenex she had in her pocket.  Woe to the rest of the people, who weren't so prepared...

For those into photography enough to know or care, I had my 35mm (prime, which to the not-so-technical people, means no zooming, hence why not all of the photos through the trip were necessarily frame the best they could have been if I'd had a zoom lens) lens that stops down to f/1.8, so it was fun taking some decent night shots.  I didn't always remember to switch back and forth between daytime and nighttime ISOs, unfortunately, but most of the shots came out okay regardless.

Moving on to the still photos:

So obviously, places usually have beer on tap, but I can't say that I've ever seen hard liquor on tap before

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