Monday, November 19, 2012

New Orleans Photos - People Watching

Some of these shots are of the people who were also on the trip, but by far the more interesting ones are the street performers and random people we saw while we were out and about.  Jen doesn't like having her picture taken, so most of the photos of my travel companions are of Eric and Ying.

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This is Jenn and Justin, friends of my brother who joined us for a day and a couple nights since they were in the area and we had a spare bed in our apartment.

Why yes, I do have something against using the flash.  Why do you ask?  :-)

Random man and his trusty steed

We saw this guy in the cafe where we had breakfast the first morning.  Later, we saw a shop in the French Market with all the staff dressed in this steampunk fashion.

This guy was pretty good--I also took video of him playing (below)

Apparently you can earn money as a street "performer" just by dressing as Homer Simpson in his underwear and staggering around with a beer in one hand.

On Saturday, we stumbled upon what was either a Veterans Day parade or a Marine Corp birthday parade

There were a few of these Segway tours.  These people don't look too thrilled to be doing it, though.

These cheerleaders (and below) were a few blocks away from the unformed soldiers in the parade.  Not sure if they were part of that parade or some other event.

Random person, but that doesn't look like the best outfit for being a tourist.  Just sayin'.

Saturday night, we were eating dinner when yet another parade swung by the restaurant we were eating at.  Not sure what the occasion was for this one, either.

Street performers on Bourbon Street

At night, Bourbon Street is blocked off for pedestrians only, but the cross streets continue to allow traffic through.  This "lady" was whistling to stop traffic, then harassing the drivers into giving her money by insulting them.  It was all very odd, but made for quite the spectacle for us pedestrians.

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