Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Orleans Photos - Signs

Sometimes there were signs so interesting I just had to take a picture.

You know it's New Orleans when the first rule to enter a restaurant is that you must be fully dressed.

Just cracked me up--Repaid Apostles performing miracles on iPhones

Stickers on the back of an SUV at the pit bull rescue

Not a sign, but a sign of signs past

Okay, this sign is sad, since the cat has been missing since February, so it doesn't look promising for him.  But also, they couldn't find a more flattering photo?  We also racked up that they describe his meow as that of a bird being strangled, and the references they use to describe his color.  Poor kitty.

I would think it would kind of go without saying, but I guess it's a problem.

Mmm...sauteed puppy

This is for my friend Kirstin, who has adopted the phrase HoneyBadger to describe something horrible.  If you haven't seen the viral video, you have to.

Not sure I want to eat anywhere that has to put the word "cuisine" in "quotes."

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