Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Orleans Photos - Animals

Well, since I've already basically given a chronological blow-by-blow of the trip, I figured I'd try something new.  I've finally finished editing my photos, and instead of posting them in the order they were taken, I'm going to post them by category.  Today--animals.

For those of you who haven't already read the blow-by-blow and want to, here are the posts:

I never wrote a final post, but basically we went wandering around the French Quarter again, left at dark-o-clock in the morning, and I was delayed by a near blizzard in Salt Lake City.

Anyway, back to the animals:

Unfortunately, we didn't see any alligators, and the deer we saw didn't get captured on film.  But the rest of the fauna we saw include the following:

Cute pup in the cafe at which we ate our first breakfast.  Jen, the dog lover of the group made a friend.

Pigeon strutting his/her stuff in the French Market

I, of course, loved seeing all the mules.  I prioritized petting and scratching when possible, but when not possible, at least tried to get a photo.

Villalobos - the rescue featured on Pit Bulls and Parolees

This one looked so melancholy
A happy dog who was out for a walk with its handler
The guardian gargoyle.  Look's a pit bull!
The first wildlife we spotted on our nature hike--a grey squirrel
But then we saw something a little more exotic--a nutria!

...and her babies

And finally, a big spider
This caterpillar was in the bushes in front of our apartment.  Eric brushed up against it and got some welts to show for it.

One house had at least six cats in front of it

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  1. I love the cat pix. Some of them look like mine!