Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Big Easy

I'm in New Orleans, for the first time ever.  It was actually weird not to have to get up at 3:00 in the morning for a flight.  My flight was at 1:30, and I had packed the night before, so I had a nice leisurely morning.  Both flights were uneventful, but it's amazing how fast a one-hour layover goes.  I was one of the last few off the plane, used the restroom, grabbed food (there's a Greek restaurant in SLC!), and realized I needed to high-tail it to my gate already.

My siblings picked me up only minutes after I got outside, and we headed to the apartment my brother had found through VRBO or one of those sites.  It's a great place--enough beds and rooms for all SIX of us (my brother and his wife, a friend of my brother's and his wife, and my sister and me.  It's definitely got character--different floor heights, doors that don't shut quite right, etc.

We all walked down to the French Quarter last night--it's only a few blocks away.  There's great architecture.  I commented that I like to go to cities where you can tell you're not at home anymore.  NYC was like that to some extent, but New Orleans is definitely older and has more character than Seattle or Portland or (obviously!) Bend.  I took some pictures last night in the dark, and am really looking forward to exploring in the daylight today.

I can't download the photos from my real camera until I get home, but here are some photos I took on my phone:

Really crappy photo out the airplane window with a ton of glare, but that's the Great Salt Lake out there
Sunset over the lake after we took off for New Orleans
The mountains outside of Salt Lake had just a dusting of snow
Some random city during the flight.  I did get some photos of New Orleans on my real camera before we landed, but had already turned off my phone by that point.

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