Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Orleans Photos - Dining

I didn't take pictures at every place we ate, but when I thought of it, I did take photos of the sign so I could remember it in case we ever go back (or in case anyone wants recommendations), and sometimes of the food, drink, and/or ambiance.  Bon apetit!

New Orleans' signature drink, the hurricane, at Pat O'Brian's in the French Quarter

Breakfast at EnVie; they severely undercooked my omelette even after specifically asking for it well done, but they re-cooked it no problem.  Eric's food also arrived quite a bit after ours, but in the end, everyone went away happy, I think.

Of course, we had to go to Cafe Du Monde...

...for beignets.  :-)

Jen and I had breakfast at La Peniche on the day we split off from Eric and Ying to do our own thing.  The Yelp reviews had us worried, but it was lovely.  

This place also had some not-so-good Yelp reviews, but I gave them a good review.

This restaurant was right on Jackson Square.  The nice thing about our system of late breakfast and early dinner (without lunch) was that we beat the dinner rush at some places that might have gotten quite crowded later in the evening.

I had a delicious pasta dish
And we shared some bread pudding for dessert

This was a cute little cafe we found while wandering Frenchmen Street

It had live music, but it wasn't nearly as loud and overpowering as at a lot of places

We liked that place so much we went back again after we were done wandering the French Quarter for the night

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