Monday, May 7, 2012

You Shouldn't Have!

I'm leaving one department and joining another at work, which is bittersweet.  Today, the old department took me to a goodbye lunch, and brought a large fluffy-looking present into the restaurant.  There were jokes that it was a comforter to keep me warm through the sleepless nights as I adjust to my new job, or a pillow to be able to fall asleep at my new desk.  I honestly had no clue what it could be other than those two things, but figured they wouldn't joke about it if that's what it actually was, so I was truly baffled.

Well, the time came for me to open my gift, and lo and behold, it WAS a blanket after all.  And I must say, it will keep me very warm and cozy on sleepless nights.

What?  It's not for me?  (Or for Cookie, the lovely kitty who has already adorned it with her fur?

But it's so ergonomic--look, it has this shape to it, and these straps...why, I think it's better than a Snuggie!

Oh, it's a HORSE blanket.  Why didn't you tell me?

Seriously, though, co-workers, Trigger will love it, I'm sure.  :-)  I'll update with photos of the appropriate wear-er when I can.


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