Friday, May 18, 2012

Post-Fall Day 1

This isn't actually me, but it IS how I spent my day:

I worked from home today, on a totally tedious task, which lent itself well to sitting on the couch with my leg elevated and occasionally iced.  (I don't actually have an ace bandage on it...wonder if I should.)

I've had worse injuries, but it definitely doesn't like me to bear weight on it, and occasionally if I place it just wrong, it protests with even more excruciating pain than the "normal" level.

I also have some bruises on the outside of my right hip/thigh, which is what took the brunt of the fall, then inside of my upper left thigh, which I'm guessing must have hit the pommel or horn, and the inside of my left knee (the one that also hurts to stand on), where it probably banged into my right knee a split second after my right side hit the ground.

My arms and shoulders are a little tense, but I don't know how much of that is from working in an awkward position all day, bearing my weight on the grocery cart when I picked up some provisions this morning, or actually horse-related.

I intended to go visit Trigger today and groom him and maybe even work him a little from a standing position, without moving much.  But I decided I don't much feel like even getting into the car, let alone navigating the barn with my gimpy leg, but I'm hoping I'll feel better in the morning.

I just hope I'm able to "get back on the horse" when the time comes, without too much fear, and I obviously hope it goes much better when I do.  :-)

Oh, and I totally should have done more hot yoga sessions--maybe I would've been more limber.  Or if I didn't weigh as much, maybe I would've landed more softly.  Well, at least I was well-padded when I hit the ground, I guess.  :-)

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