Sunday, May 6, 2012

T minus 6 days...

...Until Trigger is mine.  Seven days until he is home.

But preparations are continuing.  Today, I went to the barn again, paid the bill for May, and left most of his food and gear there.  I kept what will go with me on the pick-up trip--halter and rope, a day's worth of food, including some hay from the boarding barn, and some grooming stuff so we can love on him until we head home.  The seller will also bring both hay and feed that he's used to, so he can transition a bit.

So does this make me a "real" horse person yet?  I have hay in the trunk of my Camry.  No saddles or wet saddle blankets, though, so my car doesn't yet smell like a true horse person's car.  :-)

I met another boarder today--her mare is about to pop, so that'll be fun--to have a baby on the property.

This week, I need to get cash to pay the remainder of the purchase price, and I plan to stop by a tack store or two to see if they have any saddles that might fit him, though I might just end up waiting until he's here so I can actually try them on him.


  1. So excited for you! I think you should wait to buy a saddle, but there's no harm in doing a little browsing first to see what you like.

    1. Yeah, at least one friend has offered to let me borrow a saddle, assuming it (or actually either of two spare saddles she has) fits, so I'll most likely wait. There is a used saddle in a store that's a good deal, and is narrow, but I don't love how I feel in it. Ugh.

  2. Saddle fitting sucks. Just embrace it... I think it took me 13 saddles before I had one that fit Flash. And now I have 2 for him... go figure :)