Monday, May 21, 2012

More circles

One of these days, I'll get back on the horse, but I think I'll wait until I have an adult spotter, just to be sure.

Today, I got the kiddo back from his dad's, so we headed out together to visit Trigger.  I finally got a minute to chat with the barn manager about exactly what the various options entail, and I think I've decided on the dry lot for him.  They're long and narrow, so he can actually get moving a bit, and get some of the wiggles out throughout the day, rather than being cooped up in his small pen and needing me to come exercise him.  They don't have shelter structures, but do have trees.  The worst of the cold nights are over, and he'll have the fall to build up a nice winter coat, so it should be all good.

Anyway, while all this was going on, the barn manager was bringing some of her personal horses over (I think?).  One of them was an adorable palomino Shetland--a "mini me" for trigger.  Except this is a three-year-old, unhandled, stud pony.  Yeah.  And he SCREAMS.  Nearly constantly.  Not so adorable after all.  I hope that was just new jitters, and won't be an ongoing thing, or I might have to find a way to get Trigger out of the barn (he's a couple stalls down from the pony, but stalls aren't exactly soundproof booths.

So between all of that commotion and the fact that a storm was rolling in, I expected Trigger to be amped up and on edge.  Well, he was on edge a bit, and was CONVINCED there was something scary going on in the bushes on the "far side" of the round pen (away from the gate), but I think he was making it up.  ;-)  But he didn't buck or kick.  I really do think the alfalfa was the main part of the problem with his behavior the other day.  Though like I said, I'll wait for a calmer day and a spotter before trying to get on him again.

Anyway, I gave Nathan a little mini lesson in lunging (explaining it, but didn't let him try yet, not on a day like today), then he wandered off to pet the dogs (SUCH an animal lover, that kid) so I worked Trigger on the line for a bit, then let him "off-leash" and offered to let him roll, but he just stood at the gate.  I free lunged him a bit, just to let him run a bit more, then hand-grazed him a while.  I think he's still just astonished at what we call grass over here in the desert.  He's used to a lush green pasture with nice long grass, and the grazing patch at the barn, while nice grass, gets mowed and also isn't nearly as lush.  He always sniffs around for a bit, shuffles a while, then sighs and settles in.

Here are some photos from today:

 And lastly, for those of you who don't mind seeing my naked legs, here are the bruises on my knees, and the really ghastly one on my upper inner thigh.  I wasn't going to include it, but when Nathan saw it, he felt compelled to take a photo.  If you don't want to see, don't scroll down...

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