Saturday, May 5, 2012

Preparations Continue

Preparations are ongoing, but getting there.

A friend of mine has generously offered to help me pick up the horse, so if all goes according to plan, I'll leave with her Friday night, tag along for her visit with her parents, we'll pick Trigger up on Saturday at a meeting point still to be determined, swap gear, papers, money, and horse, and take him back to her parents' house, where we'll all spend the night.  Then Sunday, we'll bring him back over the pass and get him settled into his new digs.

Speaking of which, I spoke with the barn manager today, and they have a spot free for him.  It's a "stall," which isn't my first choice (either financially or for the horse's well-being), but their stalls are large and also have large runs with both shelter and sunshine in the outdoor portion, so it'll be fine until an outdoor spot opens up on the first of June.  But it's settled that he can live there, and I met someone today who will be a riding buddy, so it's coming together.

I also went to the feed store, bought a halter and lead rope, some feed, and a couple other miscellaneous items.  Still need to locate a saddle (though a couple friends have saddles they're willing to let me try/borrow) and bridle.

As for getting myself into better shape and losing weight, I've made a little progress toward that goal, too.  A friend (same friend who will help me haul Trigger) convinced me to try Bikram yoga (i.e. "hot" yoga).  I survived the experience, and am even a little bit sore (my sides and backs of my legs especially).  I will definitely do it again at least a couple more times during the 10-day trial included with my first visit.

I don't deal well with heat, especially exercising in heat, but told myself it would be like Thailand.  The air inside the yoga studio was at least as hot as the air in Thailand was, but not quite as humid, and honestly, I think I was more miserable (physically) while climbing Wat Arun in the smog in Bangkok than I was in the yoga class.

Wat Arun in Bangkok.  That first set of stairs is VERY steep.  The second set (above the people)?  WAY steeper.
However, the yoga class doesn't come with a view (other than the sweat dripping off yourself and the people around you).

One of the views from one of the balconies of Wat Arun.

I also bought some shoes today--I bought some athletic shoes I plan to try riding in once I have safe stirrups to do so, so that I can hop off and walk/jog alongside the horse on the trails to get a little extra exercise myself.  I also have a second pair on order that I will use as indoor-only shoes for using the Wii or working out at the gym down the street from my work (my company has a deal with them and if we attend specific classes, they're free, or of course we can pay to work out any time).  I also like swimming, and so does my son, so I'll probably try to work in a visit to the pool every once in a while once the weather warms up (and the waterslide opens).

So...things are progressing on the horse front.  Eight days until he's tucked into his new home.

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