Monday, June 15, 2015

Tales from the Workplace, Trucking Edition, Part XX

I am posting stories from my job, because I think they're funny.  I've done my best to disguise my company name, even the industry, and to keep the people I write about and even some details of the situation anonymous.  If you know me, and know where I work, please don't include details in your comments.  I'll have to delete your comment and reconsider posting these stories.

My boss is currently poring through our payables files.  I asked him why, and it's to find what rate we usually pay for a certain customer via a certain trucking company.  Because when he contacted them to reserve a truck, they asked HIM what the rate is.  Seems to me, we should be able to say it's a penny per mile.  If they want to question it, then clearly THEY have the ability to look it up.  So why should we have to?  Sheesh!

Oh, and then when two weeks passed after a load delivered and we still hadn't seen an invoice from them, I called, and after getting a runaround and an "I don't know" that seemed like she thought that should be the end of the conversation, I finally found out that our guy, the same one who asks US to tell him what he should charge us, never forwarded the rate to the billing department, and that's why they hadn't invoiced us.  Um, shouldn't you have a process in place to make sure you invoice your customers in a timely manner?

A different freight company also hadn't billed us a load from a few weeks ago.  When I called them, they said it was because the DRIVER hadn't given them the paperwork.  Um, you rely on the drivers to drive your billing process?  Bad idea!  I faxed them the paperwork I had to hopefully start the ball rolling.

But seriously, why should I have to be the one to prompt them to bill US?  (This isn't just the trucking companies, either--there was another company who still hadn't invoiced us for a packing slip I had from April, so I called to let them know they might want to send an invoice and we'd be happy to pay it.)

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