Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tales from the Workplace, Part XIX

I am posting stories from my job, because I think they're funny.  I've done my best to disguise my company name, even the industry, and to keep the people I write about and even some details of the situation anonymous.  If you know me, and know where I work, please don't include details in your comments.  I'll have to delete your comment and reconsider posting these stories.

I'm sitting at my desk at work, which faces the windows that face the parking lot.  A car drives up, drives through the parking lot, circles back around, and finally comes in and parks in an unconventional manner (not parallel to the other cars, but it's a gravel lot so there aren't exactly lines.  Whatever.

The guy comes into the office and says, "I'm running in an election, and was wondering if I could put a couple signs up in front of your business."

Um, I think your little spiel is missing a little bit of information.  Now, I'm pretty sure THIS particular business' owner would say no regardless, but shouldn't you introduce yourself and say WHAT you're running for, and maybe what party if it's a partisan thing?  I mean, some businesses might be willing to host election signs, but I'm guessing that for those whose answer wouldn't be an across-the-board "no," knowing who they'd be supporting would be decision-making fact numero uno, don't you think?  Not to mention just common courtesy to introduce yourself when walking into a business, let alone asking them a favor.  Wow.

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