Friday, May 15, 2015

Tales from the Workplace, Trucking Edition, Part XVII

I am posting stories from my job, because I think they're funny.  I've done my best to disguise my company name, even the industry, and to keep the people I write about and even some details of the situation anonymous.  If you know me, and know where I work, please don't include details in your comments.  I'll have to delete your comment and reconsider posting these stories.

Apparently trucking companies save a lot of money on gas by having a network of electrical wires connecting each truck to their corporate headquarters.

We got a call from our customer (whose truck was supposed to arrive at 8:00 a.m.) at around 10:30 that the truck hadn't arrived yet.  Our sales guy called the trucking company, and they said, "Oh yeah, sorry about that.  Our power went out."  . . .  Um, so?  Trucks stop moving when the power goes out?  Apparently so.

They told us they'd deliver at 1:00, so we passed the message along to the customer.

1:00 came and went, and the customer still hadn't heard anything.  But then he got three calls from the truck driver and three calls from the dispatcher in a short amount of time, while he was trying to get other stuff done.  They didn't know how to get to his place.  Now, we put the address on the bill of lading, and there is such a thing as Google.

So now our customer is not only annoyed that the shipment is late, but also that he's being interrupted so much, and he STILL doesn't know when the load will arrive.  Eventually, he gave up and called us and said he needed to send his employees home for the day, so asked us to tell the trucking company not to deliver until tomorrow.  Of course, they'll probably try to charge us some kind of fee for this "inconvenience" but we'll dispute it because of course none of it would have happened if they'd delivered as originally scheduled...we'll see.

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