Monday, May 11, 2015

Tales from the Workplace, Trucking Edition, Part XVI

I am posting stories from my job, because I think they're funny.  I've done my best to disguise my company name, even the industry, and to keep the people I write about and even some details of the situation anonymous.  If you know me, and know where I work, please don't include details in your comments.  I'll have to delete your comment and reconsider posting these stories.

There's a trucking company we used to use, but don't use any more.  (A different one than the one mentioned earlier--seriously guys, trucking companies SUCK.)  They screwed up one too many loads, plus they cost too much.

However, we're apparently on their sales list, as we get calls from them 4-8 times a week.  Lately, a co-worker who is nearing retirement (we're talking weeks) has been getting more vocal with sales calls.  Not TOTALLY rude, but not taking any flak from them, either.  Basically calling them on their tactics.

This particular company called the other day, and he asked them why they were calling us for business when we were already a customer of theirs.  They kind of stammered and hung up.

An hour or two later, the owner of the company had an e-mail in his inbox that said:

You're not an active customer.  Active customers actively run loads.  That's why you're getting called so much.  Thought you might want to know.  Thanks for the time.

Well, this e-mail really makes me want to go out and request them to ship our very next load!

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