Thursday, January 1, 2015

Takin' Off

I went to my dad's house (and my brother lives right nearby) for Christmas, and Nathan had more ground school and a chance to fly.  He flew with both my dad and my brother on the last trip at Labor Day, but this time my brother had too busy a work schedule and the weather wasn't very cooperative, so he just got the one flight with my dad.  They took off from the airport where he keeps the plane, flew to a nearby airport for a touch-and-go, as well as learning about listening to the recorded information and talking to the tower, then did some stalls then came back to the "home" airport.

Nathan's a long ways away from being able to land the plane, but got to take off.  It was kind of scary for me, watching from the ground, as he bobbled around a bit.

But from what my dad said, it sounds like he's learning well, both from the classroom-type lessons and the butt-in-seat lessons.  So that's good.  :-)

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