Thursday, September 6, 2012

Response to "Fun With Craigslist"

A "fan" of mine...  (Okay, it was my mom, but she doesn't want me to name her.  So, no names here!)  Anyway, a "fan" of mine, sent me an e-mail in response to my previous post about the scammer who responded to my Craigslist ad.  Here's her response:

Just outta the gate and about piaffed myself, again, after just reading your blog about the scammer.  Laughed so hard I cried!   Poor [husband]...he's had his suspicions on my mental state confirmed, again, after hearing all the snorts and whinnies from this corner of the barn!  
Well, that guy doesn't have a leg up on you, that's for sure, and he better not horse around any more!  He needs to rein himself in before he steps in it royally!  How lame!  He made himself sound so crazy, and not just tack-y!  REALLY hope he doesn't show up at your place, whether Bend OR just might make a lunge at him with an apple-picker!
I gotta hand it to hit all the points in your reply!   And then some!   :)   Guess you can always hope for a bad case of worms for him.   He needs to be put at grass permanently!
Great job!
Ride on!
Then another follow up shortly after:

And I dare you to send your reply AND to post the reply on Craigslist!


s'cuze me...just read it again...
need to find a towel and some clean undies!!!!!

Maybe I'm tanking...I can't stop laughing!    H E L P !!!!!    :-D     :-D     :-D

And her response when I asked if I could post it:

Just don't put my name with it!   I'd get locked up for sure!

I'm so glad Gary fell asleep in his chair last night...I laughed myself to sleep last night...just could NOT stop thinking about YOUR response -- and you know I see movies when I read stuff.

 Did Nathan like your answer??!!  He's got a great sense of humor!

Anyway, Gotta head to work.

Love you guys!  And keep me laughing!!!

Thanks for the early-morning laugh, Mom!

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  1. You're lucky. My mom NEVER thinks what I write is that funny...