Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fun with Craigslist

So, I finally sucked it up and posted an ad on Craigslist for Trigger.  I posted the first one Saturday, then renewed it yesterday.  I received my first reply this morning:

Hello,  is still available for sale? if so can you please send the
pics to me ....  Thanks

Not very good English, but I know that most Craigslist-ers don't have the marvelous grasp on the English language that I do, so I didn't discount it just because of that.  However, when I hit reply, the full e-mail address showed, which tipped me off that it might be a scam--does look like a legitimate address someone would choose on purpose to you?

But I figured I'd humor them just in case it wasn't a scammer, and replied back with some pictures.  Seven hours later, I received this reply:

thanks for getting back to me.....Just asking about it to make sure it’s in
  good condition. So can you assure me i will not be disappointed? Well am
  buying this for myself but presently am not around due to the nature of my
  job (OIL RIG) But i will arrange for the hauled agent which will be coming
  for the pickup at your residence location for the pick up once the payment
  is cleared...  I will be glad if this transaction can be done via PayPal so
  the PayPal charges will be on me,If my offer is accepted send me your
  PayPal email and your name including your phone# so i can pay you as soon
  as possible i can but

  Are you the first owner of it?
  Why are you selling it?
  Where do you live?
  When have you been using it?
  And does it has any dent on it or anything?
  How much will you re duct from your advert price?

  Hope to read from you soon.

Um, wow.  Clearly a scam, especially since it's calling my horse an "it" when the ad heading says gelding, and I use "he" and "him" throughout the ad, and the oil rig and PayPal pieces don't help the sender's case any, either.  But I love that they ask when I've been using "it" and "does it have a dent on it."

I should reply that I am not the first owner, am selling because of all the dents, I live on Mars and am loving that the rover finally came to visit, I have been using it constantly, and it does have some dents above its eyes that move in creepy ways when it chews, plus numerous other dents all over, usually exactly where they should be, and that I'll deduct the entire advert price if they turn out to be a legitimate person who comes to visit me on Mars in person, and that I hope to read from them soon as well.  Dare me to?

Oh, and I guess I should have included "No spam or scams, please," in my ad as some people do.  I bet they never get e-mails like these.  ;-)

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  1. I dare ya! Wish I had your great sense of humor. I was "corresponding" with a scammer regarding a Yorkie puppy last week and all I could come up with was "This is clearly a scam...don't contact me again." Would love to hear their reply!