Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Humane Society Photos

Nathan and I went to the Humane Society again today.  When we got there, there weren't any potential adopters, which is always nice--when there are adopters there, we try to hang back and let them have first dibs on the "Get Acquainted" rooms or petting whichever cats they're interested in, so it makes the process of taking photos of the specific list of cats harder.

We went into the cattery first, since when it is full of adopters, it's hard to get good photos.  I got lots of fun photos of kittens of various sizes (it's usually only smaller kittens in that room, but today there were a few larger ones, up to six months old).

We marked the cats whose photos we'd taken off the list on the white board in the volunteer area, and moved on to take photos of the cats in the wall of cages (I should take some photos of the HS itself one of these days).  We pulled Nikki out, but she wasn't in a very good mood, so we were letting her settle into the Get Acquainted room a bit, when I saw someone taking a kitten into one of the rooms that is permanently occupied--a no-no, since they keep cats who live separately separate all the time so they don't spread germs.  Only cats who already live together (like in the cattery) are allowed to be played with together.  I told the potential adopter about the rule and volunteered to let her use the Get Acquainted room I'd been in, and put Nikki away. 

While waiting for the only Get Acquainted room to free up (there are usually two, but they had a cat living in one of them), I noticed that a cat had thrown up in her cage.  Another volunteer told the medical staff while I moved the cat to an empty cage and cleaned out THREE cages--the one she'd made a horrendous mess of (looked like both vomit and diarrhea, and she hadn't eaten any of her food before destroying it, either), the empty one I'd put her in until the staff came to take her to the clinic, and the one below hers which had gotten some drippings.  Eeeew!  The place had reeked when I got there (and it usually doesn't), so hopefully that was the reason and it now smells better.  I wore gloves while cleaning, and both Nathan and I washed our hands after, but I didn't feel safe to handle other cats, since my clothes could have gotten germs from either the cat herself or the cage, and what she had looked NASTY.  Nathan and I washed our hands again and stripped our clothes as soon as we got home so our cats wouldn't get it, but unfortunately our day at the Humane Society was a little shorter than planned, and we didn't get as many photos as we would have liked.

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