Monday, September 17, 2012

Nibble 2 sister reminded me I didn't finish up my prior post with the second nibble.

A week or so ago, someone e-mailed me about Trigger, and I was completely honest with her, and she said his hopping wasn't a problem with her--she's used to working with "problem" horses and is finally getting her problem bucker under control.  I told her I'd take better conformation photos of him, and we chatted a bit more by e-mail, including me asking if I knew her, because her photos that she sent to show she was a real person looked familiar.  I think I'd looked at one or more Craigslist ads she's posted over the past few years, plus she apparently posts on some of the same forums I do.

Anyway, the next morning she e-mailed me that after some thinking and discussion with her husband, she realized that she had enough "problem" horses, and really needed a horse that would be safe for her husband to ride as well, and he recently broke a leg coming off her bucker, so she wanted something DEAD broke.  Bummer.  But we've chatted some more, she also suggested I have his teeth checked, and recommends the chiropractor I already have an appointment with, so that's reassuring, anyway.

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