Saturday, November 1, 2014

Long Ride!

Headed out with Shar for another ride today.  We turned off 97 at McPheeters Turf, and drove until the road ended at a horse corral area.  You can ride to Smith Rock State Park from there, or of course a few different loops.  She thought was taking me on a specific loop, but we ended up taking a shortcut that didn't shorten the mileage by too much, but did cut out what is apparently a scary section of trail, so that was good.

But you know what?  Talking about it is boring.  Check out these photos:

As we were leaving--you can see the turf and hay fields just beyond the wild area we were riding in.

Selfie, with bonus of Shar, Flash, and Noelle in the background

The canals had been shut off for the season, but there were a lot of low spots with standing water

How many people can claim to have ridden a horse in a cave?  Well, I did!
Well, okay, it's more of an indent in the wall, but still...

That's the crooked river on our right

Not shown:  The very rocky canyon shortcut, or the final few miles, which was a bunch of sidehill trail that went downhill and was VERY tiring for me and Arya.  But we made it!!  My muscles and joints are SOOOoooo sore.  We went about 12 miles, my longest ride yet.

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