Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Big Mouth Pays Off!

Finally, my habit of blabbering on and telling people more than they need to know pays off.

Yesterday, the Humane Society e-mailed to ask if I would be bringing the foster kittens back soon.  I said yes, I was hoping to bring them back tonight (last night), but I had a lot of errands to run and it might take me until at least 6 to get there (they close at 5:30), because I had to go home (north end of town) first, then to Bend Pet Express on the west side of town because my finicky cat won't eat anything except ONE brand of food, in one of TWO flavors, that is ONLY available at that one store in all of Central Oregon.  Then I'd be able to head to the far southeast side of town to the shelter, so if they were willing to wait, I'd bring the kittens in at that point.

The Animal Care Coordinator e-mailed me back to ask if I'd be willing to do them a "big" favor (her word, not mine).  They had a dog being groomed literally right next door to the pet store I had to go to--would I be willing to pick him up and bring him to the shelter?

Um, let me think about it...I will be literally 20 feet away from this dog, and will have to drive it exactly where I was driving anyway, and take it exactly where I'm taking the kittens anyway...what a big favor to ask.  Of course I would be willing to do that!

Funnily enough, another errand I had to do (but could do after these, as they're open later) was returning a giant printer to Costco, and since it wouldn't fit in my trunk or through the openings to the back seat, it was occupying the front passenger seat.  So we had me and the printer in the front, and Nathan holding the kittens in their carrier on one side of the back seat, and the dog with his large-ish carrier on the other side of the back seat.  The dog carried on quite the conversation with himself (okay, and with me--I talk to animals all the time) the whole ride, so the kittens were a bit traumatized, but everyone survived the ride in close quarters.

Unrelated to the rest of this story, but on Saturday at the shelter I petted the SOFTEST cat I have ever petted (seriously--softer than a bunny, nearly as soft as a chinchilla; she got adopted while I was there), and last night at the groomers, a customer/friend of one of the employees came in with his four month old puppy (looked like an Australian Shepherd, but I suck at dog breed identification) who was the softest dog I've ever petted.  What a week, huh?  ;-)

Just in case you're curious (I know you are!), my whole evening of errands went:

  • Home, to get the kittens and their paperwork
  • Pet store, to get Sera's food
  • Groomer next door to pet store, to pick up shelter dog
  • Shelter, to drop off dog and kittens, plus I still had to fill out the kittens' foster cards
  • Costco, to return printer, plus bought some stuff I needed and some stuff I didn't
  • Office Max, for Nathan to buy pens
  • PetCo, to socialize (aka pet) the shelter cats there, also bought a couple cat beds to put in front of the fireplace for our kitties
  • Sonic, because after the rest of those errands, I was not gonna cook
  • Finally home again, at like 8:30
(not my kitten, just a cute kitten)

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