Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trigger Update

So, yesterday was two days after the chiropractor visit, and SweetPea kindly offered to be the guinea pig.  I got there a little ahead of her.  He was, once again, not in the pasture.  Apparently even though the schedule says they're doing "pasture maintenance" NEXT week, they decided to move it up to this week, even though I explicitly mentioned to the barn manager that Trigger had chiropractor's orders to be on turnout, and even though she said she would make sure he went out.  Whatever.  I need to move, clearly.

Anyway, got him out, tied him up, and groomed him.  He didn't seem TOO touchy, but when SweetPea got there, and I tried really digging into the sore spots, he did flinch a bit.  Not as bad as he had Monday night, but we want to set him up for success, plus we want to really be able to say "yay--he's all better" or "wow, still bucking--must be something else, then," and not be left wondering.  So we passed on riding him, and put him away.

I should have gone back out tonight, but after a bunch of late evenings returning home, and the kiddo not getting any homework done and going to bed late, I needed to just relax at home and prod the kid to do his homework.  So I'm not sure whether the flinching was because he's sore from all the massage she did, or whether he still needs more adjusting, or what.  But I figure I'll wait a bit longer to be sure, then contact the chiro again if he's still sore, and take it from there.

He's also getting his feet done on Saturday...we'll see what the farrier says about that.

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