Friday, June 1, 2012

Okay, I lied

I'm gonna post today.

I've had two calls from the barn manager today.  And like when the childcare provider or school calls while your child is in their care, when I see that number on my phone, I answer it.

The first time she called, I was driving to the airport.  The first thing she asked is if I was still in town.  I said not really, and she said the reason she was calling was because apparently the numerical amount on my board check was correct, but the written-out amount had left off a few crucial words.  She "graciously" said I could go find a bank of her particular branch and make a deposit instead (not sure I'd want to take my chances doing that while she still has my cashable check in her possession even if it wouldn't be a hassle).  She has the written schedule, plus I've told her in person, on the phone, AND by text, that I'm out of town starting today, but will be back on Sunday to bring him in from pasture, and board technically isn't late until the 5th.  She asked when I'll be back in town, and I told her (again), and she said it would be fine if I just fix it when I get there on Sunday.  Duh.  Plus, the bank probably wouldn't bat an eye.  You never know, but it doesn't really hurt to try.

Anyway, so then I get on an airplane, turn my phone off, and read Cherry Hill's "How to Think Like a Horse" (thanks, Mom!).  Well, I didn't read every word, but I skimmed pretty closely, and finished it.  I have another (horse-related) book to read on the flight home, don't worry.  Anyway, the flight attendant gave permission to turn phones on after we landed, and like a good sheeple, I turned mine on.  I was in the process of listening to a voicemail from my sister when the barn manager called again.  Of course, like a concerned horse owner, I answered.  This time, she was calling to ask if I'd seen the copy of a tack catalog she keeps in the drawer in the tack room.  Seriously?  She knew that as of a couple of hours ago, I was in the process of parking my car in the airport parking lot, and yet she called to ask about a freakin' CATALOG?  Sheesh!

Whatever.  If she calls in the next couple of days, I'm inclined to ignore her--there's nothing I can do from here, and the number of the vet is on his stall AND on the turnout schedule I posted on the tackroom door, plus even if they don't have MY vet on speed dial, they should have A vet on speed dial, yes?  So yeah, I think I'll just ignore calls from her until I'm home again.

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