Sunday, June 3, 2012


I was in San Francisco this weekend, and at one point, was walking along the beach (near the Cliff House and Golden Gate Park), and saw this:

Sadly, didn't see the actual horses until we drove by them being loaded in the trailer to go home.  Wonder what Trigger would think of the beach!

I intend for this blog to mostly be about horses, especially Trigger.  Mostly.  Here are some photos from that area (Lands End Overlook, Sutro Baths, etc.)--we walked along the beach, then on a nature trail.  Very foggy!

Toes in the water, toes in the sand...   I realized that the last time I was at the ocean, it was in Singapore.  The water temp there was 82.  In San Francisco, it was 57.


  1. Trigger has been to the beach, and he loved it. We took him with his favorite TB friend, and the TB was freaking out the entire time we were at the beach. Trigger was a cool as a clam and got to be the leader since the TB was such a poor role model. At one point the stirrup fell off his saddle and we had to stop for a while to put everything back together. Trigger calmed looked at us like were the three stooges.

    1. Good to know! Did you read my other post? He really seemed to enjoy our "trail walk" today. :-)