Sunday, April 29, 2012


742 miles
$93 of gas
12+ hours of driving
$200 pre-purchase exam
$300 deposit toward purchase

and I think I have finally found a horse.  (Oh, and that's just THIS weekend, not total on all 14 horses.)

Now I have to find him a ride down here--more $$$ and more time on the road.

This is Trigger.  He'll be 6 years old on May 7th, but does NOT act his age--he is the sanest, quietest, smartest horse I've tried.  He's half Arabian, half Saddlebred, but unless I suck up to the sire's owner, won't be registered as a National Show horse, just as a Half-Arab.  He's about 15.2, and very narrow.  I'm hoping he'll fill out a little more as he matures, plus a little more than that with some nice muscling, but time will tell.  If not, I'll call it the endurance "radiator build" someone explained to me at Grizzly last weekend.

I also need to lose a ton of weight.  Don't worry, this won't be a weight loss blog.

Anyone have a trailer and want to take a road trip to Longview on May 12th, or Maple Valley some other time before or after that?

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  1. Congrats!! Can't wait to meet the new pony...