Monday, April 23, 2012

Everything But The Horse

Having been horse-hunting for nearly a year now, I own quite a bit of gear.  I figured I'd inventory it  here.  Is that pathetic?  Don't answer that!

Since I was riding pretty regularly in local riding membership program, I own a helmet, boots, and three riding bras.  (I am blessed/cursed enough to not only not be unable to ride braless, but I can't even ride in my normal everyday bras, either.  Not at a gait bouncier than a slow gentle walk, anyway.)  I usually rode in jeans, but I also own some regular (non-riding) stretch pants that worked fine when I anticipated a longer ride.  I also own an off-brand leatherman-type tool that I've had since I first started riding with my sister-in-law.

When I had the first horse vetted, I naively assumed I would soon own a horse, and bought a bunch of gear, so now I also own brushes, a curry comb, a hoof pick or two, fly spray, various first aid supplies, leather gloves, a lunge line, a tote for those supplies, a pommel bag, and a cantle bag.

Lately, I've decided that even though I'm horseless, I might as well round out my collection of gear, as long as what I buy doesn't depend on the horse for either size or color (yes, I plan to base the color tack I buy on what color my horse is--sue me).  So I am also now the proud owner of two pairs of Kerrits riding tights (purple and charcoal), a Garmin Dakota 20 GPS unit (as well as rubber guard, screen protector, and detailed add-on maps), a heart rate monitor that connects to the GPS, and I bought some half chaps, but they were too tall, so I think I'll just go without and see how it goes.

Still to buy:  Halter & rope, bridle & etc., saddle & etc., saddle pad, and a sheepskin saddle cover.

Other than that, and rounding out my first aid kid (and on-trail tack repair kit), I really think I'm set.

Oh wait, except for the horse.


  1. Hey Shawna - you forgot about your mounting block that is currently in your living room! LOL

  2. Ha! You're right, my dear anonymous friend. How can I forget? There have been a few times I've gone to meet a horse and they don't have a mounting block handy, and I've gotten mine out of my trunk. Yes, oddly, I had to get it out of my trunk to pack for the endurance ride. Since I wasn't riding, I didn't need it, but I DID need the space. :-)