Monday, July 29, 2013

Photo Meetup Outing to Ochoco Mines

So, I belong to a Meetup group for Photography, and this past Saturday, I went with some other members of the group on an excursion to some mines up in the Ochocos.  The plan was to stay through sunset, so we didn't leave Bend until 4:00 p.m., and got home after 11:00.  Here are the photos from the trip:

Our first indication that we were headed toward a former industrial site

There were still plenty of flowers (though they were on their way out), so of course there are some obligatory flower photos

Remnants of a mine in the side of a hill

Our first glimpse of this building.  Not sure its purpose.


A close-up of the rusty siding

Tom, who led the expedition

We went to a different site next, where there was not only a decrepit metal-sided building, but also some remnants of concrete foundations or something, and a wooden building that was probably dorm-style housing for the miners.

Composite of multiple photos--the sunset was too big for just one photo to capture.

Two fellow photographers

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