Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mini-Vacation, Videos and Souvenirs

Nathan took a few videos while I was driving through the redwoods.  So now you can experience both the beauty, and the annoyance of light and glaring through the windshield interspersed with shadows allowing perfect vision.  Oh, and my dirty windshield.  :-)  If you're prone to motion sickness, the road itself would be bad enough, but my cameraman didn't help matters--fair warning:

This one is from the dirt road on our way to the Stout Grove:

And one more, from driving through the tree:

And now for the souvenirs we each got:

The gold Nathan bought at the Mystery Spot

The knife Nathan bought at the Mystery Spot

The gold Nathan bought at the Oregon Caves

The ring I bought at the Oregon Caves.  It's not a stone, but a shell.

The "coin" Nathan bought at the Trees of Mystery

The other side of the coin
My largest souvenir, one day after acquiring it

I scraped it while climbing around on rocks at the confluence of two forks of the Smith River.  It hurt a LOT when I did it, but after walking back to the car, I forgot about it until I first rested my hand on my knee while driving.  Youch!  It's a week out now, and the center is going back to normal color, but the outside still has a nice ring around it.  I'll live.  ;-)

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