Monday, October 15, 2012

Trigger Update

I went and saw Trigger today, at the trainer's place.  He's doing great--LOVING pasture life, and getting along well with the herd.

When the trainer came to pick Trigger up from the boarding barn, he reared and struck out at her husband while loading in the trailer.  When she first started working with him, he spooked at everything he could and flung himself INTO any pressure, especially from the bit.  But in two weeks, she is MUCH more impressed with him. She loaded him into a stranger's (to him, not to the trainer) trailer and took him on a trail ride.  She said he would occasionally "look" at stuff, but wasn't spooky, and was totally in his element on the trail.  They even went up and down some steep stuff, and while she let him take his time, he did really well considering how out of shape the poor guy is.  I'm betting his muscles are very sore today! 

She's so impressed with his turnaround, in fact, that he's no longer officially in training--she'll ride him every so often to remind him she's the boss, but otherwise, she thinks he's perfectly sale-able as is.  Time to find him a wonderful trail home!

Who's a happy horsie?


  1. Catching up after neglecting my blogroll for a LONG's too early to find you another horse (obviously), but could I interest you in something Sensible next time? has some very nice standardbreds available for adoption...not very local to you, but I'm happy to "guide" if you want to make the drive!

    1. I actually had a Sensible horse back in the day. My first horse was a Standardbred who had raced. His name was Hi Big Boy. :-) He was a pacer, not a trotter, but he could MOVE at the pace. However, he couldn't canter to save his life, and I don't think he ever stayed in a trot more than a few strides, either. :-) I would definitely consider one in the future...who knows what the future will hold.