Saturday, October 18, 2014

New arrival!

So, maybe it's time for some more horse content on this blog, which I originally started to discuss my horse search.  :-)

I knew when it didn't work out with Trigger that I'd take a break from horses for a while.  Then when I lost my job, I knew I'd need to take a break from horses for a while after THAT, especially when my next job was a bit of a pay cut.  So it's been in the back of my mind, but I knew I needed to get my finances in order first.

Well, it's started to come a little more forward in my mind because I got a little bit of a raise at work, plus once I refinance my house (losing both the PMI and rolling my student loans into it, which will reduce my monthly payments even with the higher-than-current loan balance), I know I'll be able to afford to keep a horse.

A few days ago, I went to a "girls night" with a bunch of horse folks, and my friend Shar asked if I've been riding much lately.  Unfortunately, not very recently, no.  So she started telling everyone at dinner that I needed a horse, and to get in touch with her if they know of any stocky trail horses available for sale or lease.

One person said she might know of one, and I messaged with her on Facebook a bit about the horse that night.  But the next day, Shar texted me that she'd found me a horse!  She'd messaged a few people about wanting to find me a horse, and a friend of hers has a horse that is currently just sitting around that she'd been thinking of selling or leasing.  It's actually her husband's horse, but her husband isn't riding lately, so she'd been exercising her every week, and now that she (the owner) is injured, can't even do that.  So she'd be willing to lease and/or sell her to me.  Win/win/win!  I get a horse to ride and a decently long trial period to decide if I'd like to buy her, the horse gets exercise, and the owner gets her off her hands for a bit, to a place she knows with someone she knows (even if I'm a friend-of-a-friend, the horse will be living at Shar's place).

So last Sunday, she brought Elk out to meet me, and me her.  (Their family has a history of less-than-traditional horse names, especially for mares--they had a mare named Frank.)  She's a mustang (can't see her brand because her mane hangs over it, but it's there), and she's BIG.  Not super-tall, probably 15.3, but BIG bones.  Which is good--she can carry me around.

Isn't she pretty?  She was on a dry lot at her prior place, so even though this is not high-quality grazing, she was still in heaven.  Plus, she's a mustang, so it's actually quite the smorgasbord for her, even if other horses would turn their noses up at it.

Nice butt!

So, I met Elk, petted her, groomed her a bit, and tacked her up.  Then her owner showed me how she likes to round pen her before riding.  We lunged her both directions for a bit, then tied random stuff to a rope and she dragged it around the round pen, not bothered by it at all, even when the rope went between her legs.  Good girl, and good practice for random brush getting dragged around on the trail (catches in their tail, catches in the cinch when walking over it, etc.).  Then it was time for a rider, but I wasn't quite up to being the first one, especially since she hadn't been ridden in a couple of months.  Her owner couldn't ride due to her injury, so Shar volunteered.  She was a perfect angel.  So soon enough, it was my turn, and Shar became photographer.

Could I BE any more happy?  :-)  Yeah, we only walked around in circles in the round pen, and trotted for only a few strides, but so far, I'm a happy camper.  We'll work our way up to a trail ride, which is where Elk will really shine (I hope!), and within a month, I'll make a decision about whether I'll be keeping her or not.  I'll keep you all posted.  But already it's working out better than it did with Trigger.  :-)

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