Sunday, August 25, 2013


So, this weekend my dad brought Nathan back to me (Nathan had the privilege of spending the past week with my dad and my brother) and stayed overnight.

Saturday, we went McMenamin's and watched Now You See Me, which was really good, and had a snack of tots (cajun for me and my dad, plain for Nathan) while we watched.  On the way home, we witnessed that GORGEOUS sunset that all my local friends are posting all over Facebook.  By the time I got home and got my camera out (plus I'd been driving, even if I'd had my camera with me), we'd "missed" most of it (we saw it from the car), but here's a photo of the tail end of it:

We had a late dinner of steak (for the men-folk), green beans (with pine nuts and blue cheese for those of us that wanted it), and rice.  We played a card game or two, then went to bed.

This morning, I made eggs and potatoes for breakfast, then we headed out to the High Desert Museum.  They used to have only one sad, lonely otter who only ever sat in his den and slept, but now that they've gotten him a friend (also a boy, so no baby otters on the way, I guess), they're BOTH really active and playful, which is so nice to see.

This is one of the scarfing down his lunch
We managed to see the whole museum pretty quickly (my dad needed to head back home), but it was still well worth the price of admission, since my office has a pass so we got in free.  :-)

A hen at the homestead area

When we got back home, we said goodbye to my dad around noon, then I went out for a little geocaching.  It started raining right about when I left the house, but that was okay.  I found one with no problem, then the second one had me stumped for a little bit.  I took some photos, which both helps me think and helps disguise what might otherwise make it look like I'm up to no good.

Then I remembered that the description talked a lot about fishing, and after wandering around the area a bit, I spotted a line going from beneath the dock into the water.  Sure enough...

Went to Pioneer Park to look for another one, but didn't find it.  I think I know what I did wrong, but they were setting up for a wedding (hope it wasn't scheduled for much later, as there was quite the thunder/lightning/hail storm when I got home!), so I headed home, but took this one photo while I was looking:

All in all, a very nice weekend.  Nathan goes back to his dad's tomorrow, so it's also nice to get a little time with him since dropping him off in WA a week ago.

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