Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Break, Part IV: ...To Grandmother's House We Go

In Part I, I made it safely to my dad's house, though with the Check Engine light glowing at me during the latter half of the drive.

In Part II, my sister, the kiddo, and I got to watch my brother tell pilots what to do.

In Part III, we had Christmas with my dad, brother, and sister, then a quick visit at my sister's house when I dropped her off.

It was a quick drive to my mom's house, and we had a quiet evening at her house, just chatting, watching TV, and gorging on the various goodies she had made.

The next day, my grandma came over, and I showed her her gift in progress (I knitted her socks from yarn and a pattern book she'd given me, probably last Christmas), and my step-sister brought her preschool-aged daughter and two-month-old son (who was born literally hours after I left from my last visit), an we all exchanged gifts.  My mom's dog, Crystal, received a new rope tug toy, so I took her outside to take some photos of her enjoying it:

What a good doggie!!

The afternoon included more relaxing, then dinner at the family's favorite local Thai restaurant.

Grandma got some baby time

The evening brought a little more relaxing, and an indoor photo of Crystal:

The next day, I had some knitting to do in order to finish those socks, then had to wash them and let them dry, but I managed to squeeze in some more indoor and outdoor photos of Crystal.

She's rather photogenic, though of course I had a couple hundred photos in order to get these.  :-)

Saturday, I snapped some photos of the finished socks quickly before giving them to my grandma when she arrived, then my sister also brought one of her dogs to play with Crystal.

Unfortunately, since Jen and Dylan were only there for a few hours, I didn't get quite the selection of photos of him.  He also moves a LOT so I had to throw out a lot of blurry photos.

We went on a little walk, and found a geocache in my mom's neighborhood.  (If you're a geocacher, the kiddo and I have a joint account named ShawnaNathan on www.geocaching.com.)  Nathan and I found a few with her a couple of years ago, and maybe this time we'll get more into it for real.  :-)

Jen and grandma both needed to leave before it got too dark, so we drove to a nearby park and found two more caches before it got dark.

After dark, my step-sister brought the baby over again, and my mom got some baby cuddle time while we played Settlers of Catan.

It snowed while we were playing, so in the morning, I took Crystal outside for one more fetch/photo session in the snow before we loaded up and left.

Next post:  The journey home.

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